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  • i The Bugie collection is the most festi…Read More BUGIE Collection
  • 42/BP Item
  • 8.5" Height
  • 4" Width
  • N/A Length
  • G9 Bulb
  • 1 No. of Bulbs
  • 50W Watts
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04 05

Product Description

This table lamp is part of the BUGIE collection which is known for its unique mesh of subtle details, soft distribution of light, and elegant craftsmanship . The 42/BP's design makes it a great addition to any space and is assured to bring out the playful child in all those graced by its presence. Do you like hosting party's, have children, or enjoy fun, playful atmospheres? Add this product to any space and prepare to be blown away. The 42/BP is well-suited for applications that require concentrated local light for activities such as reading. This table lamp goes well on any table, whether the table is in the den, living room, bedroom, kitchen, or tasting room. To add to a space's drama, provide general lighting with a Dragonfly's chandelier, pendant, or other appropriate fixture and place this table lamp near by. Although it is small in stature, you will be surprised at how much attention this fixture commands. Available metal finishes include AGO, OAG, RGO and ROL and available shades are 04 and 05.

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